Videos from Dr. Weiner

Do I really need Weight Loss Surgery?
Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether or not you should have Weight Loss Surgery. However, there’s one fundamental question that you should ask yourself to really answer this question.

How Long Does Bariatric Surgery Last
Doctor Weiner talks about how long a patient can expect the surgery to continue providing weight loss.

Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Weiner explains why some people regain weight after Bariatric Surgery and how to prevent it.

Bariatric Surgery Revisions
Dr. Weiner talks about bariatric revision surgery and whether or not it works.

Stomach Stretching After Weight Loss Surgery
Dr. Weiner talks about whether weight regain is caused by stomach stretching after bariatric surgery.

Pre-op Diet
Dr. Weiner describes the diet that he puts his patients on before bariatric surgery.

Postoperative Diet
Dr. Matthew Weiner describes the postoperative diet necessary to adapt to your new anatomy after bariatric surgery.

Dr. Higa on Tucson Morning Blend

Videos from Suzette Kroll RD:

Pound of Cure – Part 1
WHY to eat 1lb vegetables per day. 

Pound of Cure – Part 2
HOW to eat 1lb vegetables per day. 

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners – Part 1
All about sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners – Part 2
HOW to reduce use of sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

Carbs and Calories– Part 1
Differentiate between skinny carbs and junky carbs. 

Carbs and Calories – Part 2
WHY carbs and calories matter. 

Carbs and Calories – Part 3
How to eat healthy carbs and satisfy carb cravings.

“F” Words – Part 1
How to reduce fat in your diet. 

“F” Words – Part 2
The BEST fluid strategies! Never get dehydrated again! 

Gearing up for Surgery – Part 1
Importance of protein in the honeymoon period after weight loss surgery 

Gearing up for Surgery – Part 2
Mindful Eating: HOW you eat matters as much as WHAT you eat 

Protein Shakes 101
How to select appropriate protein supplements after surgery 

Whole Food Protein Shakes
Learn to make protein shakes using real, whole foods