Our experience with weight loss surgery patients has taught us that having a strong support network is vital to the success of our patients. That’s why we offer a monthly support group meeting. 

What can I learn or gain from a support group?

Each person joins a support group for different reasons. For some people, it’s a place to experience camaraderie and validation. For others, it’s about motivation and dedication. Most importantly, a quality support group provides a wonderful opportunity for learning.  
No matter how much you research before surgery, you can never be fully prepared for the questions and situations that arise after surgery. And while there are many support groups out there, few have the medical, surgical, and nutritional knowledge and expertise to offer the most helpful and fact-based answers you will get from a group like ours.  

How do we meet?

Due to Covid, all the 2021 meetings are being offered virtually (online) using Zoom. In person meetings are not offered at this time. Our meetings are hosted by Barbara Fleshman, RN.  

What do I need to join?

A smart phone or computer and internet access.  

How do I Join?

TMC Bariatric Support Group

Please visit https://www.tmcaz.com/events/tmc-bariatric-support-group-meeting   
After you register for the event, an email will be sent to you outlining the details to access the Zoom platform. You will need this information to join the meeting. 

St. Mary’s Bariatric Support Group

Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital
Tucson, AZ.85745

Please use the link below to register and join us for our monthly support group!

Held the first Monday of each month.