A Medical and Nutritional Approach to Weight Loss

A Pound Of Cure - Change Your Eating and Your LIfe

At Tucson Weight Loss Surgery we believe that everyone deserves an individualized approach to weight management. Not everyone will qualify for, or want, bariatric surgery. And some postoperative patients who struggle with weight regain are desperate to get back on track. This is why we offer a non-surgical weight loss program.  

Our non-surgical weight management program is focused on individualized, comprehensive treatment including proper nutrition, physical activity, behavioral modification and medications when appropriate. Founded in the principles from Dr. Matthew Weiner’s book, A Pound of Cure, we don’t just teach you what to eat, but also how to effectively implement long-term change and avoid the traps of yo-yo dieting.

What We Offer

  • A thorough evaluation and frequent visits with our Physician Assistant, Claire Pauley, who has extensive training in obesity medicine.
  • Individualized dietary counseling with our Registered Dietitian, Zoe Schroeder, in both group and individual sessions with a focus on whole foods.
  • Utilization of evidence-based anti-obesity medications, when indicated, to help patients overcome the frustrating metabolic adaptations that occur with weight loss.
  • Ample additional support along the way with educational handouts, recipe ideas, strategies for success, in-depth videos and more.
  • Telemedicine options for appointments and interactive group discussions.
  • Long-term follow up! We understand that weight control is often a lifelong journey and we are here to support you every step of the way.

For membership to our nutritional counseling program, please register HERE

We Make It Affordable

Weight loss is complicated and can be quite expensive which is why we are focused on providing affordable care to our patients. At Tucson Weight Loss Surgery, all visits with our Physician Assistant are covered by insurance.

We also provide low-cost group and individual counseling classes with our Registered Dietitian for just $30 per month. Your membership comes with unlimited group classes and one individual visit each month. If you’d like to purchase additional individual visits, they are just $25 each.

A few of the many benefits of moderate weight loss include:

  • Improved quality of life 
  • Increased mobility and decreased joint pain
  • Improved blood pressure and cholesterol values 
  • Improvement in diabetes and prediabetes
  • Improvement in sleep apnea and quality of sleep
  • Reduced need for medications

If you are interested in learning more about our non-surgical weight management program, please complete the contact form below or call our office at (520) 420-1000.